20 March 2015


Featured in the latest May 2015 issue of Evo UK magazine

"New CEO Jean-Marc Gales has asked his engineers to install the torque-converter transmission into the company's most focused car and and Evo favourite: the Exige S."

"...Take control of the shifts yourself via the paddles - simply pull one of the levers back and the 'box switches to manual mode - and the gears slot home quickly and precisely.'"
"With no opportunity for the revs to drop off, the Exige S is duly let off its leash."
"The level of performance requires concentration, with the road passing beneath at serious speed and one's senses consequently bombarded."
"Yes, there's that harshness you expect of a car with such a sparse interior, but the engine and exhaust notes are addictive, the steering a delight, the ride exemplary and the experience utterly absorbing..."
"...A Boxter GTS with PDK costs almost the same. However, while Porsche is the better all-round package, the Exige S auto offers a dynamic edge that is hard to ignore if nothing but thrills is what you are after."

Source : www.lotuscars.com


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