Lotus is an unique company. From its outset, the business has embodied engineering at its core. Apart from its intrinsic input to every award-winning Lotus sportscar, from the first trials machine and Mark One, to the latest Elise, Exige and Evora models, its deft, agile, performance-orientated and impurity-free touch has been felt by many production facilities around the world...not only from the automotive scene.

Lotus Lightweight Structures Evora front chassisThree distinct pillars of competence underpin this vital arm of the Lotus Group plc. They are:

1.  Lightweight structures
2.  Efficient Performance
3.  Driving Dynamics.

Young Colin ChapmanThanks to a rich history, the company started by Colin Chapman, with his oft-quoted statements such as: "If youíre not winning, youíre not trying", continues to enjoy successes in many four-wheeled disciplines. Although he died in 1982, his remit remains every bit as vital to the global automotive industry, as at any time in the existence of Lotus. It forms every aspect of our approach.

Lotus Cars

As you can read on this website, our latest models incorporate that same engineering integrity. Lotus produces sportscars that lift the spirits, that thrill the soul, that enhance capabilities and that create wonder. They are notably and highly praised for their dynamic advantages, their intrinsic structural rigidity, their high performance in all circumstances and their outstanding levels of efficiency. Yet, they all embody the spirit of lightness, in both engaging wit and a sense of fun, as well as structure, allied to intelligence, with the primary aim of enhancing driving purity.

Lotus engineers can take an existing product and raise the bar significantly to make it pleasingly unrecognisable by previous critical appraisal. The company is unceasing in its research and development ethos and will not rest until only the most finite solutions have been reached and applied. Just as it does so with its own products, it also flies a flag of excellence for its clients' products.

The range of competencies covers all requirements from single component to complex structures, taking in conceptual values, through to final completion, all with perfection in mind. In fact, Lotus has been the one-stop-shop behind the breakthrough products in many markets, products that continue to lead in their respective sectors.

Lightweight Elise

Lightweight by Design

Another quotation attributed to our founder is: "Just add lightness". Colin Chapman knew that lightweight is the right weight.

Many production companies, in their attempts to meet waste reduction and excess consumption targets set by various governments, seek means by which to enhance their processes. Lotus is steeped in a policy of lightweight structural composition and integration.

As a technology and process independent, its applications of science impart many benefits to its clients. Its knowledge and expertise in the fields of both composites and finite lightweight metallic structures that satisfy both small requirements and major volume demands, are world-leading. Lotus is committed to greater efficiency in all areas of production and manufacturing expertise.

However, it is worth noting that Lotus remains sensitive to both brand and character, yet it innovates with practised calm in the fields of automotive glues and bonding. It has spearheaded many automotive developments, not the least of which was the template for the modern Formula One racing car, as well as multi-valve engine technology and active suspension, all completed in-house, without a need for outside contractors.

Evora chassis

Efficiency without Compromise

Lotus Engineering approaches mechanical efficiency with as much zeal as its unit production, platform engineering, design elegance, aerodynamics and driving purity. When working with the motive forces, its aim is to reduce the environmental footprint but not at the cost of high performance.

Naturally, the companyís efficacy in this area is linked to the raw product provided but, even so, its engineers will always seek the most effective routes to incorporate its founding principles. The fuel source is almost immaterial, as Lotus has worked extensively to create petrol, diesel, gas and electricity performance levels that meet cost-effective and non-sacrificial goals.

As the world market is seeking a more secure platform for power, without decreasing fossil fuel resources, Lotus is in the mix, enshrining hybrid and electric vehicle technologies in its range of capabilities. They often raise packaging issues, control systems, software developments and wider ranging manufacturing needs. Lotus has the answers, whether dealing with propulsion, comfort features, infotainment, or formulating efficient human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Lotus operates its own test cells; its own Computer Aided Design and Engineering systems; 3D elemental construction; noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineering in its own anechoic chamber. The company's skill sets are exceedingly broad and forge a hallmark of unrelenting expertise. The key has always been to provide the most innovative solutions and concise engineering benefits.

Lotus has even developed range extender (below) and alternative research engines by engaging with the enthusiasm and support of its skilled engineering workforce.

Range extender engine


The dynamics of driving, or of engineering, are closely linked. Drive a Lotus sportscar and you will be impressed with the positive feedback, the delights of directional stability, the delicacy of perfectly weighted steering, the absorption qualities of finely rated suspension.

Whether experiencing the appropriate signals from minor and major controls, or that totally engaging quality of ëzero liftí, yet allied to enough downforce to ensure that the chassis and its components are being worked to perfection, it is only Lotus that can provide the ultimate gift of pure driving pleasure.

It is only Lotus that can blend successfully the art and science necessary to its unique approach. Every element is optimised and the focus is clear. The Lotus reputation is based on passion and a proven track record that spans more than sixty years, which encompasses incredible design flair, innovation and proof positive that it can meet and invariably exceed expectations, regardless of perspective.

Lotus provides a world class expertise in everything it does. Yet, Lotus never ignores its customers. Lotus is a company that knows its place in a fast-changing environment. Lotus is a driven company.